First Balkan Summit for sustainable development, June 2014

Macedonia is calling! After the Caravan of Change 2013 a Macedonian team created the opportunity to let this exciting event happen: The First Balkan Summit 2014 for Sustainable Development: “We want to create a common vision – unaVision – for a sustainable future!” Come and join  the Vision Walk and Balkan Summit in Macedonia from May 31st to June 15th! More infos here:  BalkanSummit

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Soziokratie – Einführungsworkshop mit Barbara Strauch am 26.02.2014 in München!

Wie treffen wir Entscheidungen, wie organisieren wir uns, wie kann gemeinsame Arbeit gut gelingen. Soziokratie bietet ein zukunftsfähiges Organistionsmodell! Ein Workshop Angebot von ThinkCamp am 26.02.2014 in München. Anmeldung und mehr Infos dazu hier!soziokratie

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Here it is: The report about the Caravan of Change 2013!

Read more about the participants, the daily life of the Caravan, forums and workshops, light house projects and initiatives in the Duna region and our learning and outcomes! Download here!




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Einladung Berlin morgen Abend, Dienstag 7. Jan – Balkanprojekt 2014

Liebe Freunde!

Wir stellen morgen Abend mit ThinkCamp/dunaVision in Berlin das Balkan Projekt 2014 vor. Kommt vorbei am Dienstag den 7. Jan. in den K-Salon, Bergmannstraße 54, 10961 Berlin, von 18:30 – 22:00.

Nach der Caravan of Change 2013 entlang der Donauländer ist für dieses Jahr die Caravan of Change 2014 durch die Balkanländer (April/Mai 2014) mit dem Höhepunkt eines Vision Walks und Balkan Summits in Macedonien für nachhaltige Entwicklung vom 1.-15.Juni 2014 geplant. Weiterhin starten wir eine Publikatios- und Videoserie über Osteuropa. Dafür gab es den Kick-Off Workshop die letzten 3 Tage in Berlin. Die Ergebnisse unserer Überlegungen wollen wir mit euch besprechen und Menschen, die mitmachen oder im Bereich nachhaltiger Entwicklung einen Impuls geben wollen, sind herzlich eingeladen morgen Abend teilzunehmen! Es gibt leckeres vegetarisches Essen und etwas zu Trinken. Bitte informiert uns für unsere Planung mit einer E-Mail, ob ihr kommt! Mail an

Wir freuen uns auf euch!

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Bewirb dich jetzt und werde “BotschafterIn für eine Welt in Balance”!

globalmarshallplanMulitiplikatorInnenschulung der Global Marshall Plan Initiative:  die Global Marshall Plan Akademie 2014 – zum 7. Mal!

Bewirb dich jetzt und werde “BotschafterIn für eine Welt in Balance”!

Triff an drei Wochenenden Menschen aus dem Netzwerk, hör inspirierende Vorträge und erlernen Methoden um selbst aktiv zu werden. Michael Braungart von Cradle2Cradle, Sina Trinkwalder, ökosoziale Unternehmerin, Global Marshall Plan Mitbegründer und Vizekanzler Österreichs a.D. Josef Riegler oder Ernst-Ulrich von Weizsäcker vom Club of Rome waren u.a. in den letzten Jahren als Gastreferenten dabei. Sie zeigen, dass man anfangen muss und der Mut belohnt wird.



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Our follow up dunaVision event in Budapest

sol groupRegional – Duna – SoL Symposium, 2013, Budapest Co-Creating our Future

Enhancing Systemic Transformation in our Region. Theory in Practice-DunaPartnership and Transformational Change in the Duna region–a learning gathering of SoL, dunaVision, regional members, associates and Duna partners in ecological and systems based transformational action learning — Contributions are welcome.

Nov. 15.  a DunaPartnership Dialogue and Theory in Practice on Systemic Transformation

Nov. 16. all day is a learning market. Open sharing of related projects and cases and idea  processed by methods of Open Space and The Art of Hosting.

A more detailed programme can be followed here
Please register here!

We do look forward welcoming you here!

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6th of October: dunaVision brunch and talk about the “Caravan of Change 2013″


Within the “sustainability action days” / “Aktionstage Nachhaltigkeit”  of Austria dunaVision is inviting you for a brunch and talk about the “Caravan of Change 2013”!

We would like to share our experiences and learnings of the exiting learning journey through the 10 Danube countries! Come along to the Plenum Straßenlokal!

Please write a mail and sign up:

Location: Plenum Straßenlokal, Lindengasse 2/14, 1070 Vienna

Date: 6th of October,     11am-1pm


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Review KISS eco-social entrepreneurship workshop

youth in action logo36 participants from Lithuania and five dunaVision countries including  five participants from Think Camp have participated in July in a one week eco-social entrepreneurship workshop called “Kiss entrepreneur” in Lithuania organized by Lina Sodžiutė, director of PROFAT.  profat logo

The training program financed by the EU Youth in Action program helped to deepen youth trainers knowledge on entrepreneurship methods mainly based on non formal education principles. The training was dedicated to prepare the young people from Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Lithuania to strengthen their fasilitator skills and encourage them to work with youth groups using methods for entrepreneurship.

During the preparation phase in spring 2013 the expert representative partners of the youth organizations prepared and tested entrepreneurship methods that composed the workshop.

The team came from the following organizations: Think Camp non profit cooperative (Germany); University of Information Technology and Management (Poland); University of South Bohemia, faculty of economics (Czech Republic); The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Targovishte (Bulgaria); Zavod Bob Institute (Slovenia) and Public institution “PROFAT” (Lithuania).

998327_388147167977874_1507466023_nThe exitement of the workshop were endless discussions on different understandings on cross cultural, cross sectoral and cross generational differences on topics such as eco social entrepreneurship, understanding distinctions of social responsible enterprise,  leadership approaches, assessments of teams and planing approaches. All the participants had a really good time and have learned a lot. Thanks Lina for these days and this great workshop!


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Dinner talk at Mr. Dinescu´s restaurant in Bucharest

DSCN7616In Bucharest we had the chance to have dinner at a restaurant owned by one of the famous personalities of recent Romanian history: writer, poet and civil rights activist Mircea Dinescu. As a writer an magazine editor, he began to openly criticise Ceausescus regime in 1988. After an anti-totalitarian interview published by the French newspaper „Libération“, Dinescu was held under house arrest.

In December 1989, the writer was taking part in the occupation of the National Television building in Bucharest and proclaimed the end of Ceausescus dictatorship.

DSCN7603Dinescu continued working as a journalist after the revolution and began investing some of the money he earned with his books and publications in agriculture.

Dinescu bought a vineyard and began to cultivate wine in cooperation with Austrian partners. On his property, Dinescu tries to combine agriculture, winemaking and cultural aspects, as his wife Maria told us. Sergiu,  project manager for Mister Dinescu, adds that the house has always been an inspiring place for all kinds of people and the intention is to keep it that way.

DSCN7632Go and have dinner at „lacrimi si sfinti“ if you are in Bucharest (the food and wine are superb), you might see mister Dinescu if you are lucky!


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Arriving at the Black Sea

delta4Finally we have reached the Black Sea. A speed boat of a local took us for almost 2 hours from Murighiol to Sf. Gheorge where the Danube flows into the Black Sea.  The final destination of our six months trip – what a special moment.

Dunja, Mariam, Sarah, Johannes, Sabine, Julian, Lili, several cows and thousands of morquitos came together in Sf. Gheorge, a village in the middle of the Biosphere Reserve of the Danube Delta.

delta28The Delta is known for its astonishing nature with lots of bird kinds and wild nature. In deed we were very surprised of the pleasant atmosphere of a village without cars, cows lying on the beach and free horses which we´ve also met in the middle of the night in front of our cabin. In Sf. Gheorge there is only one main road busy with horse carriages of the locals, some cows and horse roaming around. We enjoyed the walk to our lovely cabins on this sandy road very much, observing also nice farm pensions decorated with flowers, with grapes and chickens in the yard.

DSCN8468Our sleeping place was the campsite of “greenvillage” where a dozen of cabins are spread in a large area with a small restaurant and bar and also a large moving screen where people may enjoy movies in the night. Morning walks to the beach gave us the opportunity to see incredible sun rises over the Black Sea. Unfortunately we`ve also found spots of trash on the sandy beach like beer coasters, butts of cirgerettes lying and plastic packages and bottles which some of us collected.

We enjoyed a lot the swimming in the sea as a relief from the long journey. Playing and walking in the sand gave us also the chance to reflect on all the pictures in our minds from the people who were with us, all the visits, talks and wonderfull moments.



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